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Aim; make more knowledge on sparrows available worldwide.
Make this knowledge more easily accessible for everybody interested.
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Research and articles in English.

Here you will find articles and research on sparrows, and related to sparrows, that are written in English.

Blasco-Zumeta, Javier and Heinze, Gerd-Michael (2006)
"419 House Sparrow".
Detailed illustrations of plumage in adult house sparrow male and female, in spring, summer and winter, and of the juvenile male and female.

Grouw, Hein van (2006)
"Not every white bird is an albino: Sense and nonsense about colour aberrations in birds".
On color aberrations, such as leucism, melanism et cetera, in birds.

Heij, Kees (C.J.) (1985)
"Comparative ecology of the house sparrow passer domesticus in rural,
suburban and urban situations"

PHD thesis comparing populations of house sparrows in urban, suburban and rural environments.

Kendeigh, SC (1945)
"Resistance to Hunger In Birds"
Published in 1945 in Journal of Wildlife Management it was an experiment with captured house sparrows that were exposed to hunger in combination with certain temperatures. One would use this information to estimate the house sparrows need for food during harsh winters.

Kulczycki A. and Mazur-Gierasinska M. (1968)
"Nesting of house sparrow Passer domesticus (Lineus 1758)"
On the house sparrow's preferences for nestingsites in specified types of environments near humans; urban, sub-urban and rural.

Salm. M. (2007 )
"House Sparrow (Passer domesticus) density explained with the factors food availability, breeding site availability, shelter availability and predation pressure as limiting factors".
Never published research, 2007 bachelorsdegree at the Center for Environmental Sciences, University Leiden.

Seel D.C. (1966 )
"Clutchsize, incubation and hatchingsucces in the House Sparrow and Tree Sparrow Passer spp. at Oxford".
Research that found that the House Sparrow has a lower hatchingsucces than the Tree Sparrow, due to infertile eggs.

Summers-Smith, JD (2010)
"File Notes V20"
On all suggested causes of the decline of three species of sparrows
mr J.D. (Denis) Summers-Smith had knowledge of at the time of writing.
The three species being
the (english) House Sparrow (Passer domesticus),
the Italian Sparrow (Passer italiae),
the Tree Sparrow (Passer montanus).

Vangestel, C. (2011)
"Relating phenotypic and genetic variation to urbanization in avian species: a case study on house sparrows (Passer domesticus)"
PHD thesis, Ghent University, on the correlation between urban life and the appearence of birds, inherited and influenced by the environment. In this case especially on the House Sparrow.
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