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SparrowSpeak in soundbites.

Here you will find the sounds house sparrows make in different situations. Recorded at the colony that we ourselves maintain since the winter of 1997 to 1998.

These are only the short impressions. If you need more, for instance for research, please contact us.

Latest addition:

Four tones can be heard. The first is a squeeling of discomfort. You may ignore this.

The next three sounds are the infamous sounds phoneticly discribed by Daanje in 1941 (page 5 in "Uber das verhalten des Haussperlings"), with "krüü".
They form the highest alert a sparrow colony can sound.
It is normally used in a larger colony when a sparrowhawk is first seen aproaching.

In this case though it is uttered quite calm.
This is because every house sparrow is allready in hiding from a previous threat.
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